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Harmony in Tone and Texture: Your Path with
Vi Peel

Vi Peel can help with the following:

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Understanding the Vi Peel

The Vi Peel is an advanced medium-strength chemical peel that can remove the top layers of skin to reveal the newer and healthier skin underneath. It is the only chemical peel safe to use under your eyes.

The main ingredients of the Vi peel are:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Trichloroacetic acid
  • Phenol
  • Vitamin C
  • Retin-A

The combination of these various ingredients can provide help for acne, skin texture issues, discoloration, and aging signs.

Salicylic acid is helpful for treating acne, helping your skin to shed dead cells, and decreasing redness and swelling.

Trichloroacetic acid helps break down keratin, causing your skin to begin lightening and then peeling away during the course of a few days.

The phenol present in the Vi Peel helps kill microorganisms, helping protect your skin from bacteria.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help improve wrinkles and fine lines while simultaneously helping your skin look more radiant.

Retin-A also focuses on helping diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Understanding the Vi Peel


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Our goal at BWA Aesthetics is to offer the latest treatment options for your aesthetic concerns — focusing on minimally invasive procedures that provide world-class skin rejuvenating results.

One of the services we’re proud to provide is the Vi Peel. Vi Peels are chemical peels that can help with many skin issues, from aging signs to sun damage and so much more.

Your Vi Peel Journey at BWA Aesthetics

Here’s what you can expect when you get a Vi Peel with us.

To ensure you get the most out of a Vi Peel, we always schedule a consultation beforehand. During this consultation, we will ask you about your goals, as well as about your regular skincare routine.

Let us know about all medications you take and skin care products you use since some products can interfere with the chemicals we use in the peels.

We will examine your skin and make recommendations on the treatment so that you can get the best-individualized options. We know your skin is unique — and we’ll treat it as such.

To prepare for the peel, you need to minimize sun exposure. Wear sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy. We may recommend the use of a bleaching agent if we worry about pigmentation issues. For at least one week before the Vi Peel, avoid harsh skin care products.


Come to our office without makeup or any products on your skin. We will cleanse the area and then begin applying the Vi Peel in two phases.

The first phase penetrates the cells right on the skin’s surface. The second phase goes deeper, clearing out dead skin cells and debris.

If you have very sensitive skin, we may apply a cooling device after the peel.

The entire process can take between 20 and 45 minutes, and you will need to wash the peel off after five or six hours.

During the Treatment

You need to stay out of the sun for a few days after the Vi Peel, and you should also avoid strenuous exercise. You can resume most of your other activities.

You may want to apply a cool saline compress on the first day after getting the peel. Don’t shower for at least 24 hours, and when you do, make sure the products you use are nondetergent.

You can expect the skin peeling phase to begin after about three days and continue for up to seven days. Once you start peeling, apply moisturizer, SPF, and hydrocortisone at least three times a day.

The results can be noticeable right from the first treatment, though many people require more than one peel. Full results can become visible after four to six weeks. You may need a maintenance treatment session every six months or so.


Benefits of the Vi Peel Treatment

Can the Vi Peel really offer the results you need? Learn more about its benefits to help you decide.

Skin Clarity, Tone, and Texture Improvement

All of the ingredients in the Vi Peel help with skin clarity and texture, offering the chance to show off radiant skin.

Reduction of Age Spots, Freckles, and Hyper-Pigmentation, Including Melasma

Trichloroacetic acid is particularly good at dealing with hyper-pigmentation issues, as is phenol — which can tackle all types of sun damage.

Softening of Lines and Wrinkles

Trichloroacetic and Retin-A are both excellent ingredients for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, helping the skin renew itself and look more youthful.

Clearing Acne Conditions and Reducing Acne Scars

Salicylic acid is the gold standard for the treatment of acne, but phenol can help as well. Phenol is also very good at helping break down acne scars, letting your new skin look clearer and smoother.

Stimulating Collagen Growth and Elastin Production

The Vi Peel causes damage to your skin, prompting your body to start producing more collagen and elastin — two crucial proteins for your skin’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Getting a Vi Peel can take between 20 and 45 minutes.

Is There Any Downtime?

Most people can return to their normal lives right after the peel but remember that you should not be out in the sun or performing strenuous exercises. Your skin will be sensitive until it starts healing, so also avoid abrasive skin care products.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments you get can depend on the severity of the condition you’d like resolved. Some people need only one or two sessions, while others may get as many as six.

Can I Wear Makeup Post-Treatment?

It’s best if you don’t wear makeup until your skin starts healing, but that may not be an option. Wait at least 24 hours before putting any on.

Why Choose Vi Peel at BWA Aesthetics?

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Why Choose Vi Peel

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Radiant skin is a goal pretty much everyone has, and now you can achieve it. The Vi Peel is made with some of the best ingredients for skin health, and because it’s a gentle peel, it’s an appropriate option for most people.

At BWA Aesthetics, we offer some of the most exciting and innovative aesthetic treatments in the area, letting you get the desired results. With our expert help, you can give your skin a boost while ensuring its safety.

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