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The Modern Path to Beauty

The Modern Path to Beauty​

Are you afraid of plastic surgeries and looking for no-knife cosmetic fixes? Not having needle phobia? Then you are very welcome to try Botox injection to feel more confident and regain your youth in the quickest way possible. 

Botox is the diluted cosmetic form of Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin that is used, and for good reason,  to relax and temporarily paralyze muscles. It’s one of the most popular non-invasive procedures used by both men and women that helps you gain facial harmony, improves your aesthetic appearance, and fights skin aging. It is considered to be an injectable treatment and an effective way to prevent wrinkles and facial creases. The best result will normally appear after 14 days. Sometimes you need more than one Botox session to achieve the desired result and it all depends on the condition of the area that you want to have treated.

If you are looking for helpful tips on choosing the right Botox clinic, stay with us.


Consult a Professional

In the modern era, everyone needs to be knowledgeable and make the most out of the internet based on their individual needs. First, you should surf the net and gather all the information you need to know about Botox treatment. Second, decide why you want to get Botox, and don’t count on what others tell you or what results they’ve got from their Botox procedure. Third, find the right doctor or consultant and schedule a consultation to help you decide easier. Botox injection is a common procedure and if it’s done correctly there is nothing to worry about. It’s best to get Botox treatment by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. If you have passed all these stages and you still want to do it then don’t hesitate for a second and go for it!


Don’t fall for misleading advertisement

Don’t deny it! We have all fell for fake advertisements before. Watching tempting ads offering cheaper prices makes us have second thoughts. Experience has proven that cheaper isn’t always better. Especially when you want to do cosmetic procedures you can’t take a risk at the expense of your health and beauty. Be sensible and choose the right clinic according to their services and reviews from other patients, not the prices. Be wise and vigilant! Don’t let those cheap ads fool you! Do keep in mind that at the end, you get what you pay for.


Find a reputable Botox clinic

When you want to choose the best Botox clinic, go for the ones that mainly focus on Botox and other cosmetic procedures. Since Botox injection requires skill and should be done by a professional or a qualified doctor, choosing the right place and the right doctor should be your top priority. Before doing anything, schedule an appointment, go to the clinic, meet the doctor and talk about any concerns you may have, see the staff, and gather detailed information on everything that matters, such as the insurances they cover, follow-up visits if they have any (normally you need a follow-up visit two weeks after getting Botox, especially if it’s your first time). Botox treatment is not just a one-time thing and should be repeated every three to six months for best results.

At Beverly Wilshire Aesthetics, the latest techniques are employed by an expert with a profound understanding of both the science and the art of beauty. Dr. Behnoush Zarrini is a leading specialist in cosmetic procedures and a board-certified MD. His unique skill set makes him ideal for providing beautiful outcomes through today’s most complex nonsurgical procedures. Book your appointment now and start the beauty journey with us!


Do’s and don’ts before getting Botox treatment

In order to get the best result, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Don’t consume alcoholic drinks one week before getting Botox treatment –especially red wine because it increases the chances of facial bruising after getting Botox injection.
  2. Avoid anti-inflammatory medications that have blood-thinning effects (such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil, etc.) one week before getting Botox treatment –unless prescribed by your doctor and is medically necessary for  your health.
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