VI Peel

What is VI Peel?

The VI Peel is a medical grade peel, with a synergistic blend of ingredients to help rejuvenate the skin and prevent future damage. The peel is simple and pain free. It helps to remove skin build-up, revealing fresh skin in about 7 days!

At Beverly Wilshire Aesthetics, we carry the full range of VI Peel, including VI Peel for the body! Different peels can target different skin concerns.

How Does VI Peel Work?

The VI Peel is one of the latest chemical peels to get everybody’s attention because of its high-impact and minimal-downtime approach. It’s a blend of acids, retinol, vitamins, and minerals that goes beyond a general resurfacing peel to treat specific conditions, including acne and acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles. And let’s face it, by today’s instant gratification standards, the VI Peel sounds like a dream come true.

What is the VI Peel Procedure?

The VI Peel is one of the newest treatments on the skin care scene done in about 30 minutes, Here’s the procedure:

  • The practitioner will cleanse your skin to remove oil and dirt by using a cleanser or cloth
  • Once you are prepped, they will apply the first and second peel solution to your skin
  • Usually, the peeling process takes about four to six hours, after which you wash off the solution
  • Your skin should start peeling at the peak of this process, usually about three days after the procedure

Who Is a Good Candidate for VI Peel?

The VI Peel can be a great choice for anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of:

  • Fine lines
  • Minor wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Dark spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Rough skin texture
  • Minor scars, including acne scars

Benefits of the VI Peel

There are five different versions of the VI Peel available, each tailored to a specific concern; however, the overall benefits include:

  • Reducing acne and surface acne scars: The VI Peel packs a one-two punch for those afflicted with acne, helping treat symptoms while lessening the scars it can leave behind. It smoothes skin texture, brightens dark areas, soothes inflammation, and increases collagen to plump depressed or pitted skin. Ice pick scars, rolling scars, and boxcar scars can all be treated. All scars respond to the VI Peel differently, and multiple sessions or combination treatment may be necessary.
  • Diminishing sun spots and hyperpigmentation: The synergistic blend of ingredients in the VI Peel is ideal for brightening skin, diminishing sunspots, and leaving the complexion with a refreshing glow. 
  • Smoothing over fine lines and wrinkles: The combination of acids, antioxidants, and exfoliants penetrates skin deeply, causing resurfacing process that stimulates new cell production including collagen and elastin for a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance.

Treating Keratosis Pilaris

VI Peels are used to treat or cure keratosis pilaris. This skin condition is mistaken for acne or pimples and is often treated incorrectly. When tackling facial keratosis pilaris, it is advisable to start with peels that contain salicylic or lactic acid. Salicylic acid can penetrate the hair follicle, where the keratin and bacteria that cause bumps are located. The use of a VI peel with salicylic acid can help remove dried skin, and in turn, lessen the appearance of textured, uneven skin.


Like all cosmetic procedures, there are risks involved, so it’s important to talk to your doctor first about whether or not you should get a VI peel.  And even though the majority of chemical peels use ingredients that are  Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, both TCA and salicylic acid can cross the placenta and affect the baby. This may cause severe pain or swelling in pregnancy. 

We recommend you wait for at least four to six weeks between treatments to see continuous results. After your treatment, you can expect some temporary swelling and redness that should fade within two to three days, with optimal results shown in four to six weeks. The number of treatments depends on factors such as skin condition, presence of active acne, and age of the patient. Additionally, to keep your skin healthy and its cellular turnover consistent, it is suggested to get VI Peels four times yearly.

The VI Peel is non-abrasive and uses an advanced formula to produce natural collagen induction. As a result, it offers far more effective skin rejuvenation than lasers or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPLs), with less pain and recovery time.

One session of VI Peel provides you the effects of getting numerous sessions of treatments such as laser and IPL—making it more cost-effective and manageable for you.




The VI Peel is a breakthrough product that ends the quest for pain-free, results-driven peels once and for all. It combines the most effective and powerful acids into a single, easy-to-use, easy to administer formula. So instead of layers upon layers of painful treatments with downtime in between, you can get the same potent results without all the hassle.

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