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Non-surgical Facelift with FaceTite!

Your skin ages with you, but that does not mean that you have to welcome the signs of aging! You can combat them by caring for your lifestyle and opting for proper treatments. Sagging skin is one of the common signs of aging. Your skin loses its elasticity and volume as you age, and this is where a Facelift steps in.

What Is a Facelift?

facelift is referred to as any procedure that improves skin conditions on the face by repositioning your skin and addressing the sagging skin, crease lines between your nose and the corners of your mouth, facial fat that has fallen or is lacking, drooping skin on your cheeks, loose skin and extra fat in your neck.

Traditional approaches for facelifts involve surgical procedures to tighten the skin. It is especially effective for the sagging skin around the lower half of your face. Non-surgical facelifts require no incisions and are performed on your lower jaw, cheeks and cheekbones, eyebrows, upper lip, jowls, and crow’s feet.

What Are the Different Types of Facelifts?

Not all facelift procedures are the same. You can benefit from various solutions depending on your facial condition, age, and medical history:

  • Injectables

Injectables are a popular alternative for surgical skin resurfacing approaches. Dermal fillers and Botox are both very effective for restoring volume to the face. Fillers help rejuvenate your skin by beating the sagging tissues and wrinkles.

  • Ultherapy

This is a non-surgical procedure for skin tightening that employs ultrasound to diminish sagging skin. The procedure is quick and safe, though the results are gradual. You may only notice some slight reactions in your skin after the treatment. Ultherapy can be applied to beat sagging jowls, turkey necks, sagging eyelids, lines, and wrinkles.

  • One stitch facelift

This option is still a surgical procedure performed under local anesthetic with minimal recovery time to beat sagging tissues in the mid-face.

  • Temporal Facelift

This procedure targets the area from your eyebrows to the midface under local anesthetic. Minimal downtime is expected after the operation, but there will be a 5-6cm scar.

  • Thermage

Thermage CPT treatment is often considered a non-surgical facelift. It allows you to tighten and contour your skin in a single procedure by stimulating collagen production in your body. Thermage helps with issues such as loose jowls, sagging skin, and wrinkles around the forehead. You can go on with your everyday life after the treatment, but will notice the effects gradually after 6 months.

  • Thread Lift

A thread lift is an instant facelift performed through a minimally-invasive procedure involving facial lifting with the help of specialized threads. It can target sagging cheeks, deep lines, jowls, and forehead wrinkles. You will enjoy minimal and long-lasting results once you undergo a thread lift.

  • FaceTite

FaceTite is a new technology that delivers excellent results in reversing the signs of aging in your face and neck. FaceTite could help with the scarring, as it gives your face a scar-free lift.

FaceTite applies a Radiofrequency assisted liposuction and targets the lower face and neck areas.

If you are concerned with the appearance of your skin after its tissues begin to sag, you can rest assured that a Facelift can be a beneficial solution. However, it can still be a big deal! You should not opt for a facelift before doing an extensive research and reading lots of patient reviews!

Though the procedure is not invasive and does not carry severe risks, you should make an intelligent decision when choosing the professionals who will perform the procedure.

You can take advantage of our attentive staff at Beverly Wilshire Aesthetics who are here for your skin! We have employed modern technology to deliver the best results and offer solutions for your skin concerns.