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Rediscover Your Skin's Potential: The Lumecca

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Having blemish-free skin is a goal that most people have, but what if you struggle with age spots, sun damage, or vascular lesions?

At BWA Aesthetics, we are dedicated to providing the most innovative and effective treatments for all your aesthetic needs. One of the leading treatment options we offer for pigmentation and skin tone issues is Lumecca IPL.

Lumecca IPL is an intense pulsed light photo rejuvenation treatment that targets skin pigments and destroys them, letting you get the clearer and more even skin you want.

Understanding Lumecca IPL

Lumecca intense pulsed light treatments are some of the most powerful and advanced options for reducing or eliminating the appearance of:

  • Age spots
  • Rosacea
  • Freckles
  • Vascular lesions
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven skin tone

Lumecca IPL works by a process called selective photo-thermolysis. It targets brown and red pigments in the skin, providing light that the pigments transform into heat, which breaks them down. Your body can then absorb them. Lumecca is so effective that some people enjoy visible results after just one treatment.

It is also one of the safest systems for photo rejuvenation. Its unique design features a sapphire tip to offer cooling effects throughout the procedure, and the precise wavelengths keep most skin types and colors safe.

Why Lumecca IPL at BWA Aesthetics?

Learn more about why we’re a great option.


We have professionals specially trained in the use of the Lumecca IPL device, providing the dependable care you deserve.

Premium Equipment

At BWA Aesthetics, we always have the latest Lumecca IPL technologies at our disposal — ensuring you get the most precise treatments currently available.

lumecca Ipl

Customized Experience

The Lumecca IPL system allows us to customize your treatment, offering different handpieces of varying wavelength spectrums. We also have a consultation before the first session to have a good idea of how to offer treatment.

Proven Track Record

We are proud of our excellent track record of helping patients get help for skin tone and pigmentation issues.

Benefits of Lumecca IPL Treatment

Lumecca IPL is one of the most effective photo rejuvenation treatments for a number of reasons.

Effective treatment of age spots, sun damage, and vascular lesions.

All of these concerns are caused by pigmentation issues. Because Lumecca IPL targets specific pigments, it can destroy those that cause age spots, sun damage, and vascular lesions.

Skin texture improvement and complexion enhancement.

Lumecca IPL improves microcirculation, which helps with skin elasticity, narrows pores, and improves tissue metabolism. It can be an excellent option for acne, too, since it has bactericidal effects.

Reduction in skin irregularities and pigmentation issues.

Lumecca IPL’s light pulses cause the melanin in the skin cells to break down, leading to the fading and disappearance of pigmentation issues.

Quick sessions with significant results in fewer treatments.

The Lumecca IPL system is so effective because of its nozzle, which has a xenon lamp. This lamp increases the energy the device offers, speeding up the treatment process.

The Treatment Journey at BWA Aesthetics

Learn all about what you can expect from your procedure.


When you come to our consultation, we will examine your skin to see if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. We’ll also ask about your goals for the treatment and what other types of procedures you’ve tried in the past. If you use any skin care products, let us know what they are so we can ensure they don’t interfere with the process.

There’s not much preparation you have to do for the procedure, but we ask that you avoid direct sun exposure or tanning beds for a few weeks before your treatment session.


During the Treatment:

We will offer special glasses to protect your eyes throughout the procedure. We’ll also apply a cooling gel to the treatment areas and can offer topical anesthetics.

Once you’re comfortable, we’ll begin the session. The process involves passing a handheld device over the treatment areas, producing flashes of light and mild vibrations.

The procedure can last about an hour, depending on the number of areas we need to treat and how large these are.



There’s no downtime with the Lumecca IPL procedure, but we do need you to stay out of the sun for the next few days. You should also drink lots of water.

The brown and red spots on your skin will appear to be darker after the procedure, and that’s a good thing. They can remain like that for up to a week before they begin disappearing. Peeling is also normal.

You can apply cold compresses if you need to, and make sure to keep the treatment area clean. Wear sunscreen every day, even if it’s cloudy.

Your skin usually starts feeling normal again after a week or so.

Before & Afters

Client Testimonials

Personal stories and endorsements from clients who've undergone Lumecca IPL treatment and found value.

I came to Lauren for a Hydrafacial and it was an amazing experience. She was very friendly and had tons of knowledge about the services she provides.

I came in for a Hydrafacial with Lauren and she recommended IPL to help with my rosacea. I’ve done 1 treatment and already notice a huge difference!

I have had Morpheus 8 and Luemcca done by Dr.zarrini. I had 3 treatments done. My face and neck looks younger and wrinkles are less noticeable.

I had three treatments and my age spots drastically reduced in appearance, going back for one more treatment. Dr.Zarrini prices are so reasonable:

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your questions.

What Are the Differences Between Lumecca IPL and Traditional IPL?

Lumecca IPL is made to be faster than traditional IPL, making it more effective also. You don’t have to get as many sessions to see results.

Lumecca IPL is also safer for more skin types than traditional IPL because of the precise and varied available wavelengths.

What Are the Pain Levels During the Procedure?

You’ll receive a topical anesthetic, so you should feel no discomfort. Some people describe feeling some warmth in the treatment areas and a bit of pressure.

How Many Sessions Will I Need for the Desired Results?

The number of sessions will depend on the type of condition you want to resolve. Most people only need one or two sessions to see excellent results.

Are All Skin Types Suitable for Lumecca IPL?

Not all skin types are suitable, though the majority are. Keep in mind that if you have a tan, you’ll not be able to receive treatment. Your skin has to be free of active infections as well.

During our consultation, we will assess your skin to see if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. If you’re not, we have other treatments we can offer.

Schedule Your Lumecca IPL Session

You don’t have to live with age spots and other pigmentation issues when there’s a treatment option as effective as Lumecca IPL.

By providing targeted and precise treatment, we can offer this option to more people than we could with traditional IPL treatments. Not only can more skin types and colors get treatment, but the results are also faster and require fewer sessions.

At BWA Aesthetics, we offer solutions to your aesthetic problems. Whether that means skin tone issues or pigmentation concerns, we offer reliable results. We are always upgrading our technologies and looking for ways of making our treatments more effective so that you can trust us with your skin care needs.

Why not schedule your consultation with us today? You can call us at (866) 219-7335, send us an email at, or send us a message via our online contact form. Turn to BWA Aesthetics today to learn more about how we can help.

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