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Best Skincare for Pregnancy

You’ve probably heard about the skin-related side effects of pregnancy. You are likely to experience changes in your skin, such as skin discoloration, sensitivity, and acne, once you are pregnant. In this case, your regular skincare routine does not work for your new skin. You can get back your youthful skin with the help of safe products and fast routines.

Pregnancy Skin

Several skin conditions may develop during your pregnancy. These changes are probably subjected to hormones.

  • Stretch marks are prevalent and somehow unavoidable in pregnant women.

Though there is not much to prevent this problem, you can help with controlling your weight. Applying oils may be more helpful than lotions as a moisturizer. Some rejuvenating procedures, such as micro-needling and lasers, can beat this condition.


  • Melasma or skin discoloration is one of the conditions your skin may face during pregnancy. This issue may be persistent even after the pregnancy is over. Sun exposure has a vital role in the formation of this condition. Protecting your skin with sunscreen and covering your face using a hat shall be very helpful to beat this Melasma.


  • Darkening of your moles is another issue you may notice during pregnancy. It is not necessarily dangerous, but you must take that seriously in case other symptoms, such as multiple colors of the moles, asymmetry, or irregular border, are developed, especially if you have a family history of skin cancer.


  • Skin tags may also be noticed as a skin change in your pregnancy. Tags are small, raised growths of skin that are bothersome if they rub against clothing. Skin tags can be the same color as your skin or a bit darker, and you may notice them only if they get bothersome.

Best skincare for pregnancy

What Skin Concerns Pregnancy May Pose?

The changes your skin experience during your pregnancy deliver new concerns. However, you can overcome your skin conditions with a suitable routine though you should be careful since your skin may react differently throughout your pregnancy.

A significant concern is that the products you apply may be absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin, which will affect your baby’s development. That’s why you should use safer products.

Increased sensitivity in your skin during pregnancy is another concern you may not be able to prevent. Your skin is more sensitive than usual in this period, and allergic reactions to skin care products shall be standard. Any new products or even the ones you have been taking in your routine may develop these reactions, and what may help is not trying new products before giving your skin enough time to adjust to them.

Best Skin Care For Pregnancy

Not all skin products are safe during pregnancy, so you should be familiar with the ingredients you should avoid to minimize skin reactions. Unsafe skin care products can harm a fetus or irritate sensitive skin.

In high doses, retinol, hydroquinone, and salicylic acid are among the ingredients you should avoid during this period. It would be best if you also avoided cosmetic treatment, lasers, and peeling.

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care

Many skin care products will help your skin maintain fresh and youthful. In low doses, fragrance-free cleansers and moisturizers, Hyaluronic acid products, Benzoyl Peroxide, Vitamin C serums, and Salicylic acid are beneficial in keeping your skin healthy.

Using sunscreen while pregnant is another habit that can enhance your skin conditions. Since your skin is likely to be more sensitive to sun damage during pregnancy, choosing your sunscreen more carefully and using it diligently is better. You should apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 days in the morning with your regular moisturizer and then again every two hours if you’re going to be outside.

You can contact us at Beverly Wilshire Aesthetics to learn more about proper care for your pregnancy skin if you are pregnant. We can help you find the best products depending on your skin concerns.